We want you to know exactly about swastika

This mark is called “MANJI”. It’s Buddhist lucky charm.
It’s NOT Hakenkreuz (Nazi Germany’s swastika symbol mark).

Please look it carefully.
You will find that its directions are difference.
Nazi’s swastika is left-turning.
Buddhism’s one is right-turning.

Originally, both mark was used as lucky charm among Hinduism.
Buddhists are using right-turnig swastika only as lucky charm and symbol of vitality

At Zenko-ji temple. You can see the Buddhist Manji.

Buddhism have the code “Hendan Uken”.
When Buddhism monks put on uniform for the rites, they conceal left arm and open right arm (shoulder).
This style stands for respect, non-aggressive attitude and the energy of vitality.

H.H. 14th Dalai Lama’s wear(tibetan style) & Japanese style.

So, right-turning swastika is lucky mark as Buddhist.

However, many Europeans and Americans are confusing Buddhism Manji with Nazi’s swastika since Nazi adopted left-turning swastika.
For that reason, Buddhist and Hindu are difficult to use swastika in Europe.

Frankly speaking, Buddhists are annoyed by European’s simplism on swastika.
Though I’m in favor of denying Nazi, please distinguish between right-turning from left-turning.

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