NICHIREN (Nichiren Buddhism)

Hot-blooded Buddhist monk. A founder of Nichiren Buddhism!
Nichiren was a Buddhist monk who lived during the Kamakura period (1185-1333)?in Japan. He thought that the Lotus Sutra is the best. And he taught devotion?to the Lotus Sutra, Namu-Myoho-Renge-Kyo, as the exclusive means to attain?enlightenment and the chanting of “Nam Myo ho Renge Kyo” as the?essential practice of the teaching. He is famous monk who faced a many?difficulties. After his death, numerous sects espousing diverse doctrines?were also established.

The hallmark of this school is Hokke (Jikkai) Mandala Kanji character version.

Nichiren Buddhism head temple
Nichiren Buddhism head temple is Kuon-ji at Mt. Minobu, Yamanashi Japan.?It’s one of the largest temple.
Mt. Minobu and Mt. Shichimen (next to Minobu) are significant area as Nichiren?Buddhism.

Other main temples.
Tanjou-ji, Seicho-ji, Hokekyo-ji, Honmon-ji, Honkoku-ji, Kyonin-ji, Myohon-ji,?Ryukou-ji, Konpon-ji and so on…

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