Gion Koromo are managed by two operators. One is hinami (Kyoto). hinami is item producer and having actual store. Another is tokyotrad (Tokyo). tokyotrad is managing this EC, and do business with international buyers. tokyotrad is also Top-rated seller at eBay.

hinami (http://www.kyoto-hinami.jp/  – only in Japanese)
Honestly speaking, we can’t translate hinami into English. It’s unique Japanese word. We dare to say, we think it’s “along with seasons”. We provide information about culture of Kyoto lifestyle.

Yuri Kawabata (Owner of Hinami, adviser and director of Japanese Traditional Culture and restaurant)
Born in Kyoto. Her grandfather was craftsman of dying Kimono. And her father was the manager of Kimono shop.
After quit one company in Kyoto, she established gallery and Koromo store.
She is considering about Kimono.
Past : Didn’t succeed to family business
Present : Just looking at unneeded fabrics of Kimono
Future : Putting on Japanese high quality textile
She realizes “to link these times is to be culture”, she provides newly style Japanese Kimono, called KOROMO.
The concept is “Get close to Japanese sensibility in daily life “.

She is in charge of actual store in Kyoto and producing items.

tokyotrad (https://tokyotrad.com/)
tokyotrad is specialty Buddhism items EC store to worldwide. At eBay, tokyotrad is Top-rated seller.

Hiroyuki Yokokawa (Owner of tokyotrad)
Born in Tokyo. He is ex-eBay staff.
He established tokyotrad since 2009. tokyotrad is selling Buddhism items to worldwide on internet. Because his mother’s side is the family which is related with Buddhism.
After eBay, he was director of NPO, Made In Japan Project (Support Japanese Traditional Craftsperson). Now he is not only manager of tokyotrad, but also consultant of Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, JAPAN(SME Support, JAPAN).

He is in charge of this EC store.