Is Buddhism idol worship?

Looking from monotheism followers, maybe you will look like they do so.

However, Buddhism is not idol worship. And there is no God in Buddhism.
Strictly speaking, Buddhism accept the polytheistic gods and the goddess.
But they are just superior to human being a little. They are not getting a Buddhahood, too.

The goal of Buddhism is to get spiritual enlightenment. Buddhists believe the teachings only.
Buddhism teaches that to live comfortably and peacefully with getting rid of many sufferings.
They don’t see Buddha as the God, and they don’t do idol worship.

Well, why have Buddhist statues or pictures?
Buddhism teachings is called “the truth”. This truth is very difficult for us to understand.
I mean, beyond the words. (The teaching is like a philosophy of life partially.)

The truth can’t let us understand with words only.
That’s why statues and pictures have been appeared.
The statues and pictures are symbol of Buddhism teachings (the truth).
So, it’s wrong that they look statues and pictures as sacred one.

And also we have other explanation.
There is “Shitsuu Bussho” in Buddhism teachings.
Anyone have possibility to be Buddha. Because Buddha is “people who have Buddhahood (knowing the truth)”.

If you join your hands in prayer in front of mirror, what scene do you watch to the mirror?
You must see yourself who join your hands in prayer.

If you join your hands in prayer in front of Buddhism statue, you could see statue doing the same.
I mean, Buddhism statue is the teachings (potential Buddha) in your mind.
You never see statue, you see yourself.

So, Buddhism is not idol worship.

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