HOUNEN (Jodo Pure Land School)

The Founder of Jodo school Buddhism!
Hounen (1133-1212) is the religious reformer and founder of the first independent?branch of Japanese Pure Land Buddhism called Jodo shu. He preached that?believing in Amida Nyorai strongly. Because Mappou Shisou (one of eschatology)?prevailed in the years that he lived.
He was the first proponent of Nenbutsu (repeat the name of Amida) “Namu?Amida Butsu”. And he preached Buddhism to common people (before Hounen made appearance, Buddhism was religion for nobles only)

Head temple of Jodo school!
Chion-in is the head temple of Jodo School (Pure Land Buddhism) at Kyoto, Japan.
It’s one of the largest temple. It’s the place where Hounen lived to disseminate?the teachings at Yoshimizu (in what is now Higashiyama Chion-in). Chion-in is the most famous temple, because Chion-in is reported in a tour guidebooks.

Other main temples
Zoujou-ji, Konkai Komyo-ji, Hyakumanben Chion-ji, ShojouKe-in, Zenkou-ji, Zenrin-ji, Seigan-ji and so on…

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