Custom Order

We can provide great statue by craftsmen and made of Japanese timbers.

Why statue and Butsudan (made in all Japan) are great?1. Craftsman’s techniques are very astounding and sophisticated (it need more than 10 years practice).

2. They use high-quality timbers (Kiso Hinoki tree is super high-ranking materials).

3. They make it to keep 100 years at least.

And Japanese people think it’s not personal purchase, it’s family purchase.

We think that we must manage it by some generations (Generally, it’s kept among 3 or 4 generations (approx. 100 years)).

I think it’s not expensive if you think like this.

But it’s expensive about Statues…

I guess you think any items are expensive. Because Japanese prices are high than any other countries. And basically, material of Buddhism item(s) are expensive.However all items’ prices are reasonable or low price in Japan.

Especially Statues and Butsudan in “Shop” category is low price.
Because these items are mass productions. Manufacturer is making great effort to bring low prices.

They’re finding low price timbers as much as possible. The beginning rough cutting is machine cutting.

However the last finishing process is handcarving by Japanese craftsman.

From these process, it’s bringing low cost.

(Comparing with all craftsman’s works and Japanese timbers, the cost of these process is approx. 1/5 – 1/6.)

We have direct deal with some craftsmen.

If you need their great works, please feel free to contact us. We will be able to give you an estimate.

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