Buddhism Craftspersons

Buddhism Statues by Japanese Craftsman

I can provide perfect all Japanese handcrafted Buddhism statues from Buddhism craftsman.
It’s the great statues which can live for some hundred years.
Though it’s depending on their skills, generally, the price would be expensive. And it takes over one year to delivered items. If you order it, you and I (and craftsman) need to communicate about some things each other.

Here are special web site of great Buddhism artisan or craftsman.
It’s not only two craftsmen whom I can have a direct deal with. I can also contact to other craftsmen.
Please feel free to contact me.


The great Buddhism artisan : Mukoyoshi Yuboku

Buddhism craftsman : Suzuki Kentaro (one of pupil of Mukoyoshi)

I can provide and search other Buddhism items. Please feel free to contact me.

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